Handlebar-Mounted Pushbutton Controller (Black)

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Handlebar-Mounted Pushbutton Controller (Black)

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  • Rigorously Tested

  • Easy Installation

  • Designed For Motorcycles


  • Ideal mounting location
  • CNC-machined aluminum
  • Easy to install
  • Black anodized finish
  • Available in chrome
  • Weather-resistant switches
  • Engineered and made in USA

This pre-wired and easy-to-install handlebar-mounted switch assembly is ideally mounted on the left handlebar. Comes standard in a black anodized finish. (Optional chrome finish available at an extra cost.) The left button activates the compressor to inflate the system, while the right switch opens the vent solenoid for deflation.

NOTE: This switch is only sold with Arnott Adjustable Motorcycle Air Suspension Kits and is not available separately.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes

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