Arnott TruAIR® 


Designed & tuned specifically for motorcycles.


Unlike many competitors, Arnott's TruAIR® technology is true adjustable air suspension, not simple air cylinders, 'air-assisted' shocks or automotive castoffs. Arnott's TruAIR® Onboard Adjustable Air Suspension technology provides superior comfort, adjustability and great looks. Arnott kits offer fast, on-the-fly adjustable air spring firmness using a powerful onboard compressor.


Arnott motorcycle air suspension kits are fully adjustable and based on height and weight so riders can rest flat-footed while stopped and enjoy a more comfortable ride on long-distance runs, riding two-up or with luggage.


Arnott kits are designed and tuned specifically for motorcycles. Even if the air spring sleeve is fully deflated, the fender won’t touch the tire unlike automotive-designed shocks installed on motorcycles. Since Arnott’s TruAIR® Suspension is true onboard adjustable air suspension, it helps to significantly reduce issues seen in air cylinders or ‘air-assisted’ shocks such as bouncy rides and the danger during evasive maneuvering or hard riding.


Conventional spring and shock tuning can be tedious and time-consuming...taking days or even weeks. With Arnott’s onboard adjustability, tuning air suspension to your individual taste often is reduced to just a few minutes.


Coupled with Arnott onboard adjustability, setting your suspension to specific drive conditions is quicker and faster, improving the overall ride.


By adjusting air pressure and shock valving, your ride can be smooth and comfortable, firm and rigid, or somewhere in the middle. What makes Arnott air suspension unique is that you can alter the motorcycle’s ride performance base on desired settings, all with existing components.

The Competition

Automotive designed

A. Bushings need to be modified for motorcycles

B. No internal bump stop

C. Lower-grade plastic air connectors

D. Metal to metal contact when bottomed out

E. Crimping subject to failure

F. Weak rubber sleeves

G. Older twin tube damper

H. Weak eyelet welds can fail

OE Air-Assisted

A. No on-board compressor (Can't adjust quickly.)

B. Only holds 50psi (More will blow seal.)

C. Steel spring in oil (Not an air spring.)

D. Older twin-tube damper

E. Limited height adjustability (Spring pre-loaded cannot be eliminated.)

Air Canister/Cylinder

A. No shock/damper suspension (Motion is not controlled.)

B. Air cylinder only (Only raises & lowers bike.)

C. Severe topping over bumps

D. Complex air line plumbing