Frequently Asked Questions


Arnott’s TruAIR® Suspension is true onboard adjustable air suspension, providing superior comfort, adjustability and great looks. Using a powerful onboard compressor, Arnott kits offer fast, on-the-fly adjustable air spring firmness.

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Arnott® offers a Two-Year Warranty for customers on all Arnott parts. Improper use or installation is not a manufacturer’s defect. The Arnott Warranty is non-transferable. Arnott’s non-transferrable Warranty replacement is handled by the Reseller or Repair Shop.

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Arnott® Europe has a dedicated focus on Arnott Authorized Distributors and does not do direct sales to consumers and workshops. Arnott’s authorized distributors provide workshops and their customers with a variety of benefits including better pricing, multiple payment options, local warehousing and shipping, and easier returns of warranty items. By selling only through Arnott Authorized Distributors, Arnott Europe is better able to focus on providing superior customer and technical support while also being able to service our distributors better. Arnott’s website does offer detailed product information and installation resources to help you find the right product for your motorcycle and ensure a smooth installation. If you cannot find a local distributor in your area, please feel free to contact us so that we can help you find one.


Most Arnott kits come with detailed installation instructions. Many of those, along with schematics, can be downloaded from this website. Available installation manuals will be included with your kit. Arnott also has a growing list of installation videos available. For additional fitment or installation help you may also call Arnott Technical Support Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CET at +31 73 7850 580 or send an email to:

While everyone has different tastes and needs, one rule of thumb is when riding single up the PSI is 45 to 50 and when riding double up it's around 65 to 75 PSI. The best way for a riding adjustment is with the weight applied to the bike at each riding time, the shock is adjusted to the middle of the up and down travel.

Don't be fooled by products that are only air cylinders or are air assisted.

Air Cylinders or Canisters will enable you to raise and lower your bike but it is not really a suspension system since it does not have a true shock for controlling damping. 

Air Assisted shocks include standard coil springs with added air to help with bottoming out or for carrying heavier loads but can't be fine tuned or easily adjusted.

Arnott's true Adjustable Air Suspension includes an air spring or air bag which replaces the coil spring. This enables you to adjust the ride height and ride quality. True Air Suspension offers spring rate adjustability and the greatest flexibility to carry almost any load.

The factory suspension on some Harley-Davidsons has air in it that you can adjust with an external or hand pump. The shocks on those bikes have a coil spring which is surrounded by oil. When adding air to this system you are pressurizing the oil which may help increase spring rate to prevent bottoming out. Factory shocks last only about 16.000 km.

Arnott Air Suspension gives you greater adjustability of the system's air springs using an onboard switch. This system helps you to quickly raise and lower the bike and provides greater control of your ride quality.

Arnott parts have been designed, tested and optimized to work in an Arnott Motorcycle Kit. Arnott does sell replacement parts for Arnott air suspension systems that may be out of warranty but does not sell parts for other systems. Proof that the system is an Arnott kit is required. Call Customer Support +31 73 7850 580 or send an email to for more information.

It is normal to hear a slight popping noise during the break-in period of Arnott’s adjustable motorcycle air suspension kits. This is caused by the new rubber air sleeves expanding during inflation for the first few times and will go away after the normal break-in period. This noise is completely harmless and will subside within a short period of time.

Our parts are developed based on stock bike conditions. If the bike has its original rear fender, it will not touch the wheel when completely airing out. However, if a custom rear fender is installed it is possible that it does touch the wheel when the air suspension is in its lowest position.