1990-2022 Harley-Davidson Touring Series (Custom Baggers) Smooth Ride Shock Kit (Black)

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1990-2022 Harley-Davidson Touring Series (Custom Baggers) Smooth Ride Shock Kit (Black)

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  • Rigorously Tested

  • Easy Installation

  • Designed For Motorcycles


  • Black Arnott shocks
  • Goodyear multi-ply air sleeve
  • Aluminum can protect air sleeve
  • 3.98" Travel (14" Max / 10.2" Min)

For custom baggers that have an aftermarket adjustable air suspension kit installed, looking to replace their rear shocks but not the rest of the kit, Arnott now offers a shock-only option. Arnott's Smooth Ride Series shocks fit 1990-2022 Harley Davidson Touring models. The Arnott engineered, model-specific, shocks are nitrogen-charged monotube dampers with an internal floating piston and offer an additional inch of shock height so extended bags won't scrape while turning corners. Arnott® Smooth Ride Series shocks offer an improved ride over the stock shocks and are ideal for riders looking for an affordable way to slam their bike. The shocks are paired, using a patented design, with a rugged Goodyear® air sleeve, ensuring improved ride quality, height adjustability, and durability. Each shock is custom-crafted and rigorously tested in Arnott's Florida manufacturing facility.

NOTE: For 2014-2022 motorcycles, a bag spacer kit (K-3401) is required and is sold separately.

NOTE: Kit includes 2 shocks, 3 VOSS airline fittings, and 6' of 4mm airline

For maximum ride height benefits, it is recommended that you use an aftermarket side dump exhaust.

Ride Series: Smooth Ride

Shock Color: Black

Optional Rebound Adjustment: No

Size: Standard

Minimum Length: 259.08 mm

Maximum Length: 355.6 mm

Travel Length: 96.52 mm

Air Spring: Multi-Ply Goodyear

Shock Damper: FOX

Shock Construction: Steel Body Damper w/CNC Billet Aluminum Components

Ride Comparison: Comfortable/Luxurious

Reduces Painful Bottoming: Yes

Bottoming Bumper: Urethane

Color Coordinated Bolt Covers: Yes

Adjustable Deflation Speed: Yes

Air Distribution Manifold w/Integrated Release Valve: Yes

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes

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