Introducing Ultimate Ride Kits for the 08-18 Suzuki® Hayabusa® and the 06-18 Suzuki® Boulevard M109®

Arnott's new adjustable Ultimate Ride Mono Shock Air Suspension Kits for the 2008 to 2018 Suzuki® Hayabusa® and the 2006 to 2018 Suzuki® Boulevard M109R® have been custom-designed to replace the original shock and provide the rider with superior control, ride comfort, and height adjustability. The FOX® shock's custom tuning provides a safe, responsive and comfortable ride. Arnott's patents-pending kit offers TruAIR® Technology with a rugged air spring bladder and shock damper design, not an air cylinder or air-assisted unit. This gives the rider more control and flexibility over air pressure, ride comfort and height adjustment. At the core of this system is a custom, nitrogen-charged FOX shock absorber. Then, using a patent-pending design, Arnott adds a rugged Goodyear® air spring, ensuring superior comfort, ride quality, and durability. Arnott pairs the shock with a small but powerful compressor, application-specific mounting bracket, and air distribution valve block which includes a muffler to control how fast air is released. Ultimate Ride Kits for the Suzuki Hayabusa Include:
  • Ultimate Ride with Black Handlebar Inflation Switch (MC-2974) -- Minimum Length: 26.3 cm; Maximum Length: 31.8 cm.
  • Ultimate Ride with Chrome Handlebar Inflation Switch (MC-2975) -- Minimum Length: 26.3 cm; Maximum Length: 31.8 cm.
Ultimate Ride Kits for the Suzuki Boulevard M109R Include: Fast and Flawless Each kit includes everything needed for a fast and flawless installation including detailed Installation Manual, fused wiring harness and relay assembly, handlebar mounted inflation switch, all necessary tubing, wiring, cable ties, fittings, and mounting accessories. Each shock is custom-crafted and rigorously tested in Arnott's Florida manufacturing facility.

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