Arnott® Releases Extended Shock Kit for '09-'18 Custom Bagger H-D® Touring Models

Arnott Cycles has released MC-2994 - a Smooth Ride Kit with longer shocks for 2009 to 2018 H-D Touring Models with extended saddle bags. The new shock kit features longer 35.6 cm shocks that offer an 2.54 cm of clearance so custom baggers with aftermarket stretched bags won't scrape while turning corners. Aftermarket stretched saddle bags can easily scrape the ground at the stock ride height during turns.

With an 2.54 cm MC-2994 Enables Custom H-D Baggers to Make Turns Without Scrapping Their Aftermarket Extended Saddle Bags 

At the core of this system are two custom-valved 35.6 cm nitrogen charged, mono-tube, shock absorbers with an Internal Floating Piston (IFP) for a better ride.  Using a patent-pending design, Arnott adds a rugged Goodyear air spring allowing the rider the flexibility of dropping the rear of the bike (Minimum Length 25.5 cm) for that slammed look in parking lots and at shows or for setting the height (Maximum Length 35.6 cm) and air pressure of their rear suspension based on weight, size, road conditions and riding preference and thus ensuring additional safety through enhanced bike control and stability. Everything Needed For A Fast, Flawless Install Arnott pairs the 35.6 cm shocks with a small but powerful compressor, custom-designed mounting bracket which will not interfere with most aftermarket bags, micro-toggle switch (optional handlebar mounted switch and switch with LED pressure gauge available), and proprietary air distribution valve block which includes a muffler to control how fast air is released. Each kit includes everything needed for a fast and flawless installation including Installation Manual, fused wiring harness and relay assembly, all necessary tubing, cable ties, fittings, bolt covers, protective aluminum covers and mounting accessories. Each shock is custom-crafted and rigorously tested in Arnott's Florida manufacturing facility.  Product Features:
  • 2 x 35.6 cm Black Monotube Shock Absorbers
  • Goodyear® Air Spring Sleeves Protected by Aluminum Covers
  • ViAIR High Output Compressor w/Application-Specific Bracket
  • Micro-Toggle Inflation Switch (Optional Handlebar Switches Available)
  • Detailed Installation Manual
  • Made & Tested in USA
  • 10.11 cm Travel: 35.6 cm Extended. 25.5 cm Collapsed

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