Arnott Launches New Motorcycle Video Featuring Ultimate Ride and Smooth Ride Onboard Air Suspension Kits

Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension -- the leader in True Onboard Adjustable Air Suspension kits for motorcycles -- is pleased to announce  the release of a new video highlighting the company's innovative new solutions for motorcycle air suspension: the Ultimate Ride and Smooth Ride lines with TruAIR Technology.
Arnott's Motorcycle Air Suspension Kits Are Custom-Crafted
And Rigorously Tested in Arnott's Florida Manufacturing Facility
Arnott's Ultimate Ride and Smooth Ride lines of Motorcycle Air Suspension are completely redesigned for many popular Harley-Davidson®, Honda®, Indian®, Kawasaki®, Suzuki®, Victory®, and Yamaha® motorcycles.
The lines:
-- Ultimate Ride: top shelf premium performance, comfort, and quality for the serious rider. -- Smooth Ride: a step up from stock shocks for the motorcyclist about town offering height and air spring adjustability.
Click Here to watch the video and see for yourself why the slogan 'Elevate Your Ride' accurately describes Arnott® Motorcycle Air Suspension Kits.

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